2020 Kingdom Builders Report


We don’t give to a church; we give through a church. There are five areas that we call the “Kingdom Builder Lanes” where your giving can make a difference through Life Fellowship.

Life Fellowship Church: Through our church, we want to see more people come to know Christ and make a difference for Him with their lives. This lane accelerates the vision to reach as many people as possible by strengthening our ministries and campus facilities. View the 2020 Life Fellowship Report.

Next Generation: One of the greatest investments we can make is to train and equip the next generation to change the world for Christ. This lane resources citywide kid outreaches, scholarships for students heading off into ministry. Needed assistance for student missions trips and allows us to expand as we continue to impact the culture of the next generation for Christ. View the 2020 Next Generation Report.

Local Mission: Our first responsibility is right here in Dallas, especially in the cities directly surrounding our campus. Through this lane, we support and grow the Correctional Facilities Outreach and partner with local ministries to reach the people of our city. View our 2020 Local Misions Report.

National Missions: Our second area of focus is our country. This lane allows us to launch more churches nationwide and help already established churches to grow. View our 2020 National Misions Report.

International Missions: We believe every person deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus and to have a Bible in their native language. Through this lane, we help plant more new churches worldwide and partner with organizations that are translating the Bible into new languages. View our 2020 International Misions Report.